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Welcome to Arc Photo. We are a New Zealand-based professional photography company. For more information on who we are, including short biographies of our principals, see the about us page. All images on this site are available for purchase. Sizes and prices may be found on the Order Form

Terms for commercial reproduction are available by emailing David Jaquiery [davidja@xtra.co.nz], Or write: Arc Photo, 126 Bedford Street, St Clair, Dunedin, New Zealand. Or phone 64 3 456 3640.

Print Sizes: Please be aware that these are given as standard photographic paper sizes. Finished print sizes may vary according to the actual proportions of the photographs selected.

Photographs are added to this site from time to time and are arranged in four sections:
Events - including Cavalcades, musters and other activities.
Scenic - Landscape and scenic photographs.
People - including weddings, families and portraits.
General - other activities and miscellaneous photographs.

For technical assistance and enquiries regarding orders please e-mail David Jaquiery [davidja@xtra.co.nz], or phone 64 3 456 3640. This site was designed by Pixink Limited.
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